Hau Teen Yee

The best thing in life is Creation, Learning, Innovation and in #ProjectE, we got the Best Team Ever, Guys we are going to show the World #Futurium of Crypto. #2022 

My passion is Technology & Inovation

This past year the word ‘blockchain’ has regularly popped up on my radar, so I decided to really research deeper, and I can honestly say that I believe this technology has immense potential for both businesses and end-users. 

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This website is fully access by Everyone and to share my passion with Everyone.

Conference Room

Let's share our Knowledge by making meeting once a month, Link will be accessible on Linkedin.

Technology Now

Cryptocurrency,Blockchain and #NFT are Trending in 2022 and i can't wait for this Amazing Future.


NFT is the new revolution in the crypto world

Download Fabrice CV

Download my CV here Updated 02/2022.

Fabrice in the Metaverse...

My Knowledge in Blockchain.

I love the the technology that are trending and will be an innovation of this world. I’m not a big fan of centralization. Everybody need privacy and the blockchain technology will provide it in Web3.0

My NFT collection on Opensea

A peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items and crypto collectibles. Buy, sell, auction, and discover CryptoKitties, Decentraland.

Welcome to the home of Lord of illusion on OpenSea. Discover the best items in this collection.


Creators is rare. World is nothing without creativity would you pay for something or nothing.

We offers you a value that worth Millions of USD


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Fabrice NFT Collection

Hau Teen Yee Fabrice Blogger

Let's talk about the Pi Network project international

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